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Unlock the power of BOMs with PDM

Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

SOLIDWORKS PDM gives us a whole new set of tools for Bill of Materials beyond what we’re used to in SOLIDWORKS alone. Using this tool, we have options for differing formatting, new ways to export and compare. We can even treat bills as their own entities without completely losing our parametric link between model and BOM. Let’s explore some of these options.

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What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2019: Sheet Metal – Tab and Slot on Nonlinear Edge

Written by: Mark Downey, Application Engineer

SolidWorks 2019 brings the ability to add tabs and slots to nonlinear edges in the Sheet Metal  feature.  Functionality is the same as linear features.  One thing to keep in mind is on features like that shown below with multiple curves you will need to create a separate group for each curved edge. Continue reading

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Hole Wizard – Specifying Tolerances

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Written by: Mark Downey, Application Engineer

An enhancement to the Hole Wizard In SOLIDWORKS 2019 is the ability to specify different tolerances for each aspect of the hole wizard feature in the Hole Wizard property manager.  Previously, this had to be done manually in the drawing.

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Webinar: Integrate SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Written by Michael Nolte, Application Engineer

Learn the 4 methods that can be used to bridge the gap that is blocking communication between departments by connecting SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

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Pontiac Tech Town Walking Tour

Written by: Erica Nowak, Digital Communications Specialist

DASI Solutions was lucky to host over 40 Oakland County educators and students for a Pontiac walking tour. The event showcased local tech businesses in an effort to further communication between education and local industry.  Continue reading