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The Treehouse Invention: SOLIDWORKS for Start-Ups

Video Blog created by: Darin Grosser, Application Engineer

Darin @ DASI Takes you through a journey from IDEA to REALITY using SOLIDWORKS! If you are an Entrepreneur or you simply want to start a company around your idea, DASI Solutions and SOLIDWORKS can help:


How to Update Your SOLIDWORKS Templates


Written by: Michael Nolte, Application Engineer

Every few releases it’s always a good idea to update your SOLIDWORKS templates to the latest version you and your company are currently using. Being one of the techs on the DASI HelpDesk team, we run into the rare occurrence that a part, assembly or drawing seems to have become corrupt. It’s even more rare that we find that multiple files fail to open; this is when we start looking at the templates being the culprit.

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DASI Graduates 10 Pre-Apprenticeship Participants


Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

DASI is proud to announce that we will be graduating our first ever cohort of 10 students from the DASI Solutions Pre-Apprenticeship Program on Thursday, August 24!

In conjunction with Focus:HOPE in Detroit, we put together this program to help workers who are unemployed or under-employed to get the skills they need in order to land decent jobs. The program runs for six weeks at the Focus:HOPE facility in Detroit, teaching the participants a wide range of skills including OSHA training, math, customer service, CAD training and much more.

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Design, Copy, Repeat


Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

The best thing I could hear when I was a designer was “It’s just like this – but with a minor change”. Copying and modifying existing designs should be easy. Thanks to PDM, it’s very easy to duplicate and rename our data before we begin our modifications.

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SOLIDWORKS is coming to the DASI User Group Summit!

DASI Dream Cruise 2017

Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

August is here, and that means that one of DASI’s biggest events is just around the corner… The DASI Dream Cruise Party!

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