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Quick Hide & Show of Parts in an Assembly


Written by: Joseph Richter, Application Engineer

Tab to Hide Parts

While editing an assembly, if you need to quickly hide parts that are ‘in the way’, simply press the Tab button. The top component directly below your cursor will be hidden, if you click Tab again then the next part below the cursor will also be hidden, all in order.

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Changes to the Two-Resistor Component Command in Flow Simulation After 2015

Flow Simulation Tech Tip

Written by: Enrique Garcia, Application Engineer

With Flow Simulation 2016 and 2017, users no longer must have two separate solid bodies for the use of the Two-Resistor Component feature available in the Electronics Cooling module. To add a Two-Resistor Component model to your Flow project, simply open the property manager and select the top surface of the one component that represents your chip. This selected top face will represent the case node and the software will automatically populate the “Components to apply the Two-Resistor” field with the corresponding part file. The bottom face of the component is still considered the board node and defined automatically internally. The face touching the board still needs to be parallel to the top face of the case.

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Employee Spotlight: Moira Lynn

Moira Lynn - Client Success Manager, Arizona


What is your role at DASI?

DASI Solutions holds great pride in being a trusted advisor to our customers for all things related to the SOLIDWORKS line of products. I work as a liaison between our existing customer base, technical teams, and DS SOLIDWORKS to ensure our customers have the best experience and maintain the utmost confidence in working with DASI Solutions.

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JOB POSTING: Machine Design Engineer

DASI customer, CRB, based in Kalamazoo, MI, is seeking a qualified candidate – SOLIDWORKS experience preferred – to join their team as a Machine Design Engineer.

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Smart Drawing View Location Labels


Written by: Gordon Pursel, Application Engineer

A great way to cross reference the sheet and zone location to and from the parent and child views is using Location Labels. This can especially helpful on multi-sheet drawing packages where Auxiliary, Detail, and Section Views need to be moved to another sheet to tidy up the drawing.

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