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Employee Spotlight: Brooke Grant

Brooke Grant - Subscription Services


What is your role at DASI?

I work with the Subscription Service customers in Arizona and California. This includes contacting the customers to ensure they are receiving the many benefits of Subscription Service.

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Customizing SOLIDWORKS Inspection Reports – Part 2

First Article Inspection Report

How to Add a Report Footer Row Using the Template Editor

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Logo

Written by: Gordon Pursel, Application Engineer

Miss Part 1 introducing the Inspection Report Editor? View it here.

When creating a FAIR form, a common consideration is allowing for an ever-changing number of dimensional characteristic numbers from one project to the next. Meaning, the project of today may require a form with 20 rows and tomorrow’s form may require 300 rows to record dimensional characteristics. To make little of this challenge, SOLIDWORKS Inspection provides a simple to use yet powerful built-in template editor function called the “Footer Row Function”.
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Hey, Where Did That Crack Come From?


Written by: Brad Rach, Application Engineer

Brad Off-RoadingAs an off-road enthusiast, I understand one’s desire to customize and personalize your vehicle. I recently encountered a situation on my own vehicle that was surprising and left me curious enough to utilize my SOLIDWORKS simulation suite in order to better understand what the root cause of the issue is, and what I may be able to do to prevent future complications.

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About License Borrowing and Returning with the SOLIDWORKS License Manager


Written by: Enrique Garcia, Application Engineer

If you are planning on working with SOLIDWORKS products off the network or from a remote location, you can borrow one of your networked licenses for up to 30 days. Here’s how:

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Manage Your Local Files in SOLIDWORKS Explorer

Written by: Ryan Graham, Application Engineer

SOLIDOWORKS Explorer is one of my favorite tools to easily manage and organize all of my local files. For one, it can be used outside of the SOLIDWORKS application and offers the ability to move, rename, replace and even do a pack and go if I need to.

To make sure that you have this feature enabled, we’ll first need to make sure that it has been installed on your machine. This can be done during a fresh install or modify of the software from the Installation Manager.

SOLIDWORKS Explorer Installation Manager

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