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Fun with PLCs

Created by: Cheri Guntzviller-Miesen, Electrical Application Specialist

In this video tech tip, we show how to address your Input/Output in PLCs using SOLIDWORKS Electrical.


Revision Table Automation in PDM


Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

Imagine a world where revision tables filled themselves out and that the data was visible from the data card. Now quit imagining; It’s reality. As of the 2018 version of PDM, SOLIDWORKS revision tables can be updated automatically through PDM. With a little bit of setup, we can get this working through the workflow or the Set Revision tool.

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Nonlinear Analysis Troubleshooting 101

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tech Tip

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes two complex analysis types: Nonlinear and Dynamic. Nonlinear analyses can be the most challenging type of analysis to run. After years of experimenting and running my own nonlinear studies, I’ve made a list of the most common tricks that helped get me through some of the trickiest simulations. This is not a comprehensive list (to write such a list would take many pages), but hopefully should give you some general starting points to kick off from.

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How To Prevent Duplicate File Names in SOLIDWORKS PDM


Written by: Gordon Pursel, Application Engineer

Duplicate File Name SettingsDifferent parts with duplicate file names can be a real file management problem. Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS PDM has a Duplicate File Name Check that can prevent saving duplicate file names into the PDM Vault while also providing immediate feedback to locate files with the same name.

To enable the PDM Vault Duplicate File Name Check settings:

  • Start the PDM Administration tool and log into the Vault
  • Right-click File Types, select Duplicate file name settings.

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Backing Up PDM Standard


Written by: Michael Nolte, Application Engineer

With more and more companies using SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, it’s a good idea to go over how to make your PDM server backups. Some companies are already using ‘snapshots’ of their virtual server environment software as their backup, but if you ever need to move your PDM server, you’ll need these steps for that process also. It is still good to have a manual backup just in case something happens with your virtual server environment ‘snapshots’; maybe once a week or once a month. Better safe than losing years of work.

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